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In addition to the Review Widget, you can display snapshots of reviews you've received on your website, using the Conversion Pop-Up. This feature was designed to convert more of your website traffic into customers by showcasing your best and most recent online reviews in an eye-catching small pop-up window.

Please note: The Conversion Pop-Up does not have review schema like our Review Widget, or any other SEO or ranking benefits. It is a visual magnet allowing you to market your happy customers to your potential customers.


To set this up on your website:

2. Click Publish > Conversion Pop-Up


3. There are a few different settings you'll need to configure

  • URLs to display your Conversion Pop-Up on: display on specific pages, sections ( or entire site

  • URL match type: choose whether the Conversion Pop-Up should display on website pages if the URL matches exactly or partially

  • Click-through URL: the Conversion Pop-up is clickable, so you can set the URL it will link to

  • Apply tags: filter which review scores are displayed by applying tags to the Conversion Pop-Up

  • Display 1st Party Toggle: choose to display 1st-party reviews (on/off setting) and what rating to show

  • Display 3rd Party Toggle: choose to display 3rd-party reviews (on/off setting) and what rating to show

  • Display on Mobile Toggle: on/off setting for showing on mobile and at what location (top or bottom of screen)

4. Click Get Embed Code, then Copy Embed Code


5. Paste the embed code in your website code. You will want to embed it in a site wide element like your header or footer so our settings can control where it will appear.

When installed correctly, you can make setting changes at any time from your account and not have re-embed the code on your website again.

Other Things to Know About The Feature

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