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Note: Before you can set up your Review Badge, you need to set up a Review Widget.


To create your Review Badge:

1. Login via and make sure your Review Widget is set up and active on your website.

2. Click Publish > Review Badge


3. Select your layout preference and review link target option (does clicking the Review Badge open a new tab, or load in your current tab). When using the minimal layout, you can control alignment and font color. Preview your Badge by clicking Preview. Don’t forget to save!

  • Clean - Our first iteration of the badge that is grey and shows overall rating and number of reviews

  • Modern - Updated design that uses your selected color preferences in your Review Widget settings.

  • Minimal - The newest edition (launched June 2020). This badge has a very simple look, takes up less room, while still showcasing your overall rating and review count. Designed for use in a header, footer, or side-bar.


4. After you've saved your updated Review Badge layout and checked out the preview, scroll to the bottom of the page and selected Get Embed Code. Copy Embed Code to be placed on your website page.


5. Log in to your website builder. The ideal placement for the badge is in the global sidebar or footer of your website. Paste the embed code into the HTML view of your page or another appropriate module. For ideal placement, embed the badge on the homepage, in the global sidebar, or the footer of your business website.

6. Preview and publish your page. The Review Badge has been successfully added to your business website. Once you’ve added the embed code for the Review Badge to your web page, any changes you make to the Review Widget or Review Badge in Reputation Builder (and publish) automatically update the badge on your business website. You do not need to update or replace the embed code.

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