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Tip! If you have multiple business locations in your account you will need to drill into the one(s) you will be testing the Review Widget on. Customers with a single business location can skip this step.

To set up the Review Widget on your business website, please follow these steps:

2. Click Publish > Review Widget


3. Select the layout you'd like to use. Descriptions of each layout are located beside their Select buttons. Click SAVE & Continue to STEP 2: Settings.


4. Make all your desired changes to your settings. Click SAVE & Continue to STEP 3: Design.


5. Now make any changes to your design options. Click SAVE & Continue to STEP 4: Publish.


6. You can click Preview to see what your widget will look like, before embedding it. With your changes complete, Publish Review Widget. Then click on Get Embed Code.


7. Click Copy Embed Code to capture the code snippet onto your clipboard.

Tip! If you are embedding the code for the first time, and it is on a WordPress website, you’ll need to download and install the Widget Plugin before proceeding.


8. Embed the widget code onto the page on your website where you want to display your reviews and testimonials.

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