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Automatically Share Reviews on Social Media (New Feature)
Automatically Share Reviews on Social Media (New Feature)
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Almost two years ago we launched the Social Sharing feature to help you turn your reviews into stunning social media content. The social sharing feature allows you to post reviews with a custom background directly to your social media channels like Google Posts, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The vast majority of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. Sharing your reviews provides your business with a chance to build trust and win a new customer. We're making it even easier for you to share your reviews with our new Automatic Social Share functionality.


Simply set up rules in your Reputation Builder account and let our system post to your selected channels!

How to set up Automatic Social Sharing

1. On the left-hand navigation bar select "Publish" -> "Social Sharing"


2. Make sure you have "Connected" all of the social media channels you would like to post to (Facebook, Instagram Google Posts, and Twitter).

3. Click the "Create Automation" button.

4. Follow the 6 Step process for automating reviews

  • Name your Automation (5 Star Google Reviews)

  • Select your Social Channels

  • Customize the Theme of your image

  • Choose your Review Source (1st party review (testimonial), Google, Facebook)

  • Choose your Rating Threshold (Facebook Recommended Yes or No, 1 to 5 Stars)

  • Choose your Share Volume ( 1 to 5 Posts per Day or Week)

Upgraded Social Sharing to Help Businesses Grow

Social sharing is part of our 5X Review Strategy and is a powerful way to showcase your reputation across your marketing channels. We've taken the manual work out of this process, making it easier for you to share your reviews on your top social channels.

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