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How Do You Calculate the Visibility Score?
How Do You Calculate the Visibility Score?
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The Visibility Score is the total percentage of clicks we estimate you will receive based on your ranking positions across all keywords tracked in your campaign.

The score is calculated by

  1. Using an estimated click-through-rate (CTR) based on the ranking position of each keyword in your campaign. CTR calculations take into account that higher ranking keywords provide more visibility, and so have a larger weighted score. Lower rankings are assigned a lower score.

  2. All of the scores for your keywords are added up and divided by the total number of keywords you’re tracking in your campaign.

  3. This equation provides you with your Visibility Score which is a percentage from 0% - 100%. Your Visibility Score will change across different search engines and ranking types (Organic, Pack, Local, and Maps).

You can use this metric to track your overall progress and visibility, as well as compare your site’s visibility against your competitors.

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