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How does Whitespark's Yext Replacement Service Differ From Yext's Listing Service?
How does Whitespark's Yext Replacement Service Differ From Yext's Listing Service?
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Clients come to us for our Yext Replacement Service because our model offers the following benefits over the Yext model:

  • One-time fee rather than recurring

  • Own your listings instead of renting them

  • Complete and proper listing clean up

  • Focused on the most important sites

  • Industry and city specific sites included in package

  • Lower cost and year over year savings

We’ve been helping clients transition off of Yext for years. These clients come to us for the following benefits over the Yext model:

One-time fee rather than recurring

Our service is a one-time fee, rather than a recurring fee. Our clients realize that they don’t need to keep paying for locations that rarely make any changes to their data. The service is project based. We clean up and distribute your listings, deliver your report, and then you won’t need to talk to us again unless you ever have to make an update to your business data.

Own your listings instead of renting them

With our service you will own your listings rather than rent them. When your project is complete, we provide you with a detailed report that shows you all the listings we created, the duplicates we removed, and the inconsistent listings we cleaned up. We also provide you with usernames and passwords for each site so you can make any future changes you need. You own and control your listings.

Complete and proper listing cleanup

Automated software like Yext often miss duplicate and incorrect listings. Our service is manual instead of automated. Our team of experts manually audit your listings using every variation of the business name, address, and phone number we can find. We typically find about 60% more inaccurate listings than automated tools uncover. Once we’ve completed our detailed audit, we manually report duplicates and clean up inaccurate listings.

Focused on the most important sites

We focus our “deep dive” clean up work on the core 10 sites where data consistency actually matters. This list includes all the heavy hitters in the local search ecosystem, the primary data aggregators, and GPS navigation systems. Data consistency across the wider web on business directories that don’t have much authority is not as important as it once was. You don’t need to worry about clean up on small obscure sites like 2findlocal or CitySquares. I mean, have you ever used those sites to find a local plumber or lawyer? Google has gotten much better at understanding and compiling business data over the years, and incorrect listings on these sites are truly not going to hurt your rankings.


We include industry specific and city specific sites

In addition to the important sites mentioned above, we also create and clean up listings on the valuable industry specific and city specific sites for your business. These are listing sites that can drive direct business and have a positive impact on your rankings.

Much lower cost

Depending on your Yext plan, most businesses are paying either $449 per year, or $499 per year. Our service is only $349, and that’s a one-time fee, you instantly save money over the cost of renewing Yext. By not paying a yearly recurring fee, you will be saving thousands of dollars per location over time. With Whitespark you get a more complete and comprehensive cleanup, on the sites that matter, for less than the cost of just one year of Yext. I think it’s a no-brainer, but of course, I am biased to our approach.

Is this service for everyone?

Yes! There are, however, a couple of cases where Yext (or another automated software solution) might be a better fit for you than our service.

1. You need to make regular updates to your business data

If you have a business that is regularly changing your business information (like hours), then you will benefit from Yext’s ability to push updates in near real-time to the sites in its distribution network.

That’s not to say we can’t handle updates – we can – but we’re not as quick as Yext. We have a $139, one-time fee, refresh service you can use in the rare case that your business moves to a new location or you change your business name, but since it’s manual, we take about two weeks for these update projects to work their way up our work queue. If you’re changing your data regularly, then you will do better with a software system like Yext.

2. You have a LOT of locations

We have worked on projects as big as 700+ locations, and we can work on your case as well if you have an enterprise multi-location business, but you’ll need to set your expectations that since we do our work manually, we don’t have the economies of scale to offer deep discounts on pricing, and it’s going to take us a long time to work through all your locations (potentially phased out over a year). If your business is 50 locations or less, then it’s pretty straightforward for us. If your business is anywhere north of 50 locations, then we should probably have a chat and discuss a transition plan with you. Contact us through our Enterprise Services form.

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