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How to add a user to Google Analytics
How to add a user to Google Analytics
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1. Enter into your browser’s address bar.

If you’re already signed into your Google account, you’ll see your Google Analytics account and properties on the screen. If you’re not signed in, you’ll have to enter the email connected with the Analytics property you want us to have access to.

2. Go down into the Admin section by clicking on the gear symbol in the bottom left.

analytics 1.png

3. You should now be in the Admin area. To grant access, you'll go under the Account section at the top of the screen, and select "Account access management".

4. You’ll now see a list of users on the account pop-up. Hit the blue plus icon in the top right and then click ‘add users’.

analytics 3.png

5. Enter the ‘[email protected]’ email address at the top. You can keep ‘notify new users by email’ checked. Select ‘Editor’ and then click ‘Add’ in the top right corner.

analytics 4.png

That’s it. We’ll now be able to access the Google Analytics property.

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